Certification of Recognition / Validation of Foreign Certificates

JGU will only accept applications based on foreign certificates including a certification of recognition / validation of the documents submitted.

You may download the required form ("Application for the Recognition / Validation of Foreign Certificates") under the link on the right side. Please print out all three pages and send them to us. If the application is not signed by the applicant on page three, the application will not be processed. Please send us a printed version of the application and all corresponding documents by mail. We will not accept any documents sent via e-mail or fax.

The processing fee amounts to 60.- Euro plus relevant remittance fees, it is payable immediately. Please note that the Application for Recognition will not be processed as long as the processing fee has not been received on our bank account. If the University of Mainz has not received the payment of 60.- Euro within 8 weeks, your application will not be processed and the submitted documents will be destroyed. Please find the bank details on page 3 of the application form.

Please note that copies of documents must be properly translated and officially certified. If you do not provide officially certified copies, your application will not be processed and will be rejected for formal reasons. In this case you will have to submit a new application for recognition and the recognition fee will be due for payment once again.

Information on the evaluation of non-German qualifications can be found on ANABIN, the information portal for official recognition of educational qualifications from foreign countries.

For further information please check also our FAQ.