Don’t forget any of the following documents. Make absolutely sure that you really have all the documents listed below with you when you leave for Mainz:

Your original Letter of Admission to JGU
Your passport or personal ID
A valid visa, if you need one (no enrolment without a Applicant’s Visa, no residence permit without enrolment)
For citizens of EU countries EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) or possibly confirmation of health insurance instead
Proof of Financial Resources
Immediately available money: traveller's cheques, credit cards, cash
A confirmation of a room reservation (hotel, youth hostel, students’ dormitory, or a rental contract with a private landlord)
About six new passport photos - you will be required to provide them for different purposes, for example at enrolment, registration with the police, and for seminary cards.
Your home university’s student ID and, if possible, an international student ID
International Vaccination Pass (advisable). If you do not possess such a pass, please have your doctor provide you with a vaccination certificate before you depart for Mainz.