Dates for Arrival and Studies

Please plan your departure so that you will arrive in time for the Student Exchange Info-Days. These are held regularly at the beginning of October and the beginning of April.

In addition, the following information will be helpful:

Arrival Dates for the Summer Term

The official start of the summer term is April 1st, even if courses start later. This, therefore, is the first date you can move into the students' dormitories.

Please find out when Good Friday, Easter Sunday, and Easter Monday are, as these are national holidays (on moveable dates). Just as on October 3rd, you cannot move into the dormitory nor go shopping on these days.

Arrival Dates for the Winter Term

Winter term officially starts on October 1st, regardless of when courses actually start. Therefore, the earliest time you can move into your room in a students’ dormitory is October 1st.

As you cannot move into dormitories on holidays and weekends, and all stores are closed on Sundays and on holidays, October 3rd is a bad day for arriving here, since it is the German National Holiday.

What to Do When you Arrive too Early or on a Weekend?

If you arrive in Mainz on a weekend or before your rental contract begins, you can spend a couple of nights relatively cheaply in the Mainz Youth Hostel (German website).

We do however urgently recommend that you book a room / bed prior to your arrival in Mainz by either phone or e-mail.

Introductory Courses (Orientation Programms)

The most important introductory event for exchange students will be the Student Exchange Info Days.

In the week prior to the beginning of classes, the so-called "Introduction Week" ("Einführungswoche"), virtually all institutes will hold orientation events in their departments.

Other useful and course-specific information will be provided by the students' representative committees ("Fachschaften"), and frequently, course registration will also take place during the introduction week.

The program for the introduction week can be obtained from the Student Counselling Centre; the individual orientation events will also be listed at Periods and deadlines.


Besides semester break, there are two weeks of holidays over Christmas and New Year's Eve, and a week after Pentecost.

On official holidays (Easter, Pentecost, Ascension Day, Corpus Christi, All Saints' Day), the university is closed.