Health Insurance

In order to enrol at a German university, sufficient health insurance coverage is mandatory for all students up to the age of thirty.

You will have to furnish proof of your health insurance on the day of enrolment. Without providing such proof, you cannot be enrolled.

Also consider that if you fall severely ill without having sufficient insurance coverage, you may incur high costs for your treatment.

There are two types of insurance:

Public Health Insurance (Mandatory Insurance)

Following the Social Insurance Agreement between Germany and all EU countries as well as Yugoslavia, Croatia, Switzerland, Turkey, and Tunisia, students from these countries can be exempted from the insurance requirements in Germany.

This, however, is only possible for students who are insured privately or publicly in their home country either on their own or via their parents’ insurance, and who bring one of the following forms with them to Germany:

  • EU countries plus Norway, Island, Switzerland und Liechtenstein: EHIC (European Health Insurance Card)
  • Serbia, Montenegro: Ju 6
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: BH6
  • Croatia: HR/D 111
  • Macedonia: RM/D 111
  • Turkey: T/A 11
  • Tunisia: TN/A 11

Students from outside Europe can be exempted from mandatory health coverage if they have proof of health insurance coverage at home which is also valid in Germany. We do, however, strongly recommend take out insurance in Germany, since cost reimbursement can take a lot of time with foreign insurance companies.

Private Health Insurance

Students who cannot be admitted to public health insurance, such as students over thirty years of age, or who do not want to be admitted to public health insurance, should take out private health insurance instead.

Private health insurance can be taken out

  • in Germany and (generally)
  • in your home country (from the perspective of your home country, Germany is a foreign country, therefore you will have to ask for an international health insurance).

If you are already privately insured on your own or via your parents in your home country, you will have to have your insurance company issue a confirmation of this insurance coverage to you in either English or German.

This confirmation must detail the exact coverage provided by your insurance, for example the period of validity, and the amount of financial coverage.

If your private insurance does not include coverage abroad (that is, during your stay in Mainz), you will have to take out insurance with one of the German insurance companies, at a cost of about € 60 a month for students.

Note: Privately insured individuals will be required to pay doctors’ bills by themselves first and receive a reimbursement of their expenses after submitting the bill to their insurance company.