Theater Studies (B.A.)

Subject Matter

Theater Studies examines theater in its various forms (drama, opera, dance, performance, ritual play, festival and everyday culture) as cultural practice in past and present. Theater Studies connects historical and theoretical knowledge with dramaturgical and analytical issues. As a historical culture and media discipline, the subject focuses its teaching and research on the systematic analysis of scenic events and how they are conveyed with regard to media. Theater Studies at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz comprises the following subject areas:

  • Theater History
  • Theory and Aesthetics of Theater
  • Modern Theater
  • Culture and Media

Theater Studies is primarily concerned with European theater history from Antiquity to the present, as well as present-day theater in intercultural comparison since the modern age. Different types of theater (as artistic expression, in everyday life, and festival culture) are examined, compared and evaluated with regard to their social function and structures of theatrical representation. Here, special emphasis is placed on the cultural analysis of theater and its social relevance, as well as on the comparison of its media-specific analytical methods in interpreting the relationship between theater and audio-visual media, the Internet and performance art.


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