ERASMUS/ Exchange Students Application

You would like to study one or two semesters at JGU as an exchange student? We are very happy about that!


Important note: All exchange students must apply online to the JGU - the nomination only is not sufficient.

Online application for all exchange students (Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Studies) via the JOGU-StiNE application portal (for useful assistance, see "Related Links" on the right).

In case of technical problems with the online application, please write to:




Important: To obtain a room in a dormitory, you need to apply to the International Team of the Studierendenwerk Mainz (independent organisation).


Online application


Semesteryou are applying for:Winter semesterSummer semester
Application start:Mid of MayMid of November
Application deadline:15th of July15th of January


You would like to apply for an extension of your exchange studies?
Semester you are applying for an extension for: winter semestersummer semester
Start of application for the extension:15th of July15th of December
Application deadline for the extension:30th of September31st of March


1.  Create an account in the JOGU-StINE portal

2. Receive password automatically by email

3. Login and start the application process

4.  Answer all (mandatory) questions

5. Send your application online

Letter of Admission

  • After successful admission, your Letter of Acceptance will be uploaded to JOGU-StINe, where you can download and print it at "Application">"Documents">"My Documents".
  • The letters of admission are verified and thus also valid for the German authorities at home and abroad. Your letter of admission is an official confirmation that you can study at the JGU.
  • The letters of admission are uploaded from mid-July to mid-September for the winter semester and from mid-January to mid-March for the summer semester.

IMPORTANT: You must download and save this official letter of admission in time as long as your applicant account is still active. Storage on an external medium is recommended. You will also need your letter of admission in order to enroll at JGU.


In your letter of admission, you will find the information about when and how to enrol.

If you are unable to meet the deadline for enrolment stated in your admission letter, please send us an e-mail.



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