Application process for non-European citizens with foreign certificates and diplomas

What does the application process look like for non-European citizens who have foreign certificates and diplomas ("Bildungsausländer/innen")? Please note that the information on this page does not apply to applicants that have the same Status as German applicants.

Recognition of foreign certificates and diplomas

Applications from students with foreign certificates and diplomas (German version only) can only be accepted when they have been submitted together with a certificate of recognition.

Choosing a degree program

After you have received your certificate of recognition, you can start choosing a program. Please note that, depending on your previous education, the certificate may also contain a comment saying you are limited to studying certain subjects.
More information on subjects and degrees offered at JGU can be found here.

Proof of language proficiency

Proof of language proficiency is required for almost all students with foreign certificates and diplomas.

In most cases, you will only be allowed to start studying at JGU after passing the DSH or the assessment test (Feststellungsprüfung). Both tests can only be retaken once. If you fail either of the tests twice, you will not be allowed entry to a degree program at JGU.

JGU admission procedures

The JGU offers three separate admission procedures for both German and foreign students.
Which procedure applies to your situation depends on your previous education (see also “Certificate of recognition”) and your level of German. The three procedures are:

Application process

You can apply online.

Please make sure you enclose all necessary certificates and diplomas.

Additional information about the application process for programs with or without limited access and programs for which you have to pass a qualifying examination can be found here.

Please note that the provided information on the application process for Medicine, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Dentistry only apply to prospective students who are either European citizens or have a German Abitur. All other prospective students for these programs can apply online.

For non-European citizens with foreign certificates and diplomas, the allocation of study places for programs with limited access is linked to specific regulations.

Application deadline

Applications must be submitted before the deadline.

Please note that your application has to be complete and received by JGU at this date at the latest.

Processing the application

The International Admissions Office will

  1. check whether you meet all requirements that are relevant to the program you are applying to,
  2. determine whether you have a direct university entrance qualification and will have to prove having passed the DSH or if you will have to take the so-called assessment test ("Feststellungsprüfung").
  3. After all of this has been done, you will receive an official letter of admission or rejection.

The International Admissions Office cannot provide you with information about the status of your application before you have received this letter.

Admission or rejection letters are not sent out before the official admissions process for the respective semester has started.


Applicants only get their official status as a student at JGU after enrollment.

  • If you have passed the DSH or the assessment test, you can enroll in the program of your choice.
  • If you have passed the ISSK electronic placement test, you will be enrolled in the preparatory German language course.
  • When you pass the electronic entrance examination for the Studienkolleg in Mainz, you will be enrolled in the courses at the International Preparatory and Language Center (Internationales Studien- und Sprachenkolleg, ISSK).