Beginning your studies

Questions, questions, questions

Be sure to visit the introductory events for your courses. They will explain the structure of your degree and provide important information about creating your timetable.

Should you have any further questions about your subject of study, please contact your subject advisor. Subject advisors are teaching staff for the corresponding subject, who can help you plan your degree. Additional consultation sessions are often available at the start of a course. Special contact persons are also available for foreign students. These are called liaison officers ("Vertrauensdozenten").

The student representative for a subject ("Fachschaft") can also help you create your timetable. Talking to students who already have experience at the university can often remove uncertainty and put any fears you may have into perspective. Many student representatives hold special orientation events for students in their first semester.

Take time to settle in

There are lots of new things to take in when starting university: You will have to find your way around the university campus, independently organize your day, find out about the courses on offer and the examination requirements, find out the names of the key contact persons for your subject, get to know new people, familiarize yourself with a new city, etc. All this can't be done in the first week. But there's no need to worry: We know from experience that you will have found your feet after the first semester. The brochure "Beginning your studies", issued to all new students along with their documents for the semester, is available to download.

Make use of the special options on offer in the first semester

Don't be afraid to use the range of information and advice available from the university. Lots of the information is already available online. Our website lists the contact persons for any questions you may have. In the case of courses and discussions with other students, also remember: Ask if there's something you don't understand.

We hope you have a good start to university life!