Recognition of foreign certificates and diplomas

If you have obtained your school leaving certificate or a study degree abroad, you will need a certificate of recognition of your foreign certificates and diplomas in order to apply for a course of study at the JGU. This applies to both foreign applicants and Germans.


When at the latest do I need to apply for the recognition?

The application for recognition of foreign certificates can be filed at any time.

The processing takes about 6 weeks, thus we advise you to take the application deadlines for the desired course of study into account and to submit the application early.

Online application deadline (studies) minus time of processing your documents minus post delivery time = latest application date (recognition)


How can I apply for the recognition?

1. Pay the fee

First you have to pay the processing fee. This fee is currently 60 € + any transfer fees.



Direct bank transfer

  • You will find the account data in the click instructions for the application for recognition (see "Downloads").


2. Application for recognition

1 Go to our application portal JOGU-StINe and click on "Create Account" to generate an applicant account.

2. Log in with your account and click on "Application/Registration > My applications"

3. Complete the application as described in our guide for the application for recognition (see "downloads"). Under "Which degree program do you want to apply for", please select "Application for recognition of foreign certificates and diplomas" and save your application.

4. Click on "Find courses offered" and select "Recognition of foreign certificates and diplomas" as your subject.

5. Please fill in the application form and send your application.

6. Submit the printed, personally signed application form including all required documents.

More information you can find in our guide for the application for recognition (see "downloads").


Required documents

You can find out exactly which certificates you have to submit on the checklist of your application for recognition:

School leaving certificate (award certificate + overview of subjects and grades)


if applicable: University entrance examination certificate (only for countries in which a university entrance examination is required for admission to a course of study)


University certificates (award certificate + overview of subjects and grades)


Uncertified copy of the personal page of your passport



Be sure to read the country-specific requirements and anabin to know what further documents you may need to submit.


The certificates must be submitted as officially notarized copies. Unauthenticated copies cannot be accepted.


For certificates in languages other than English, German or French:

Please submit an officially certified copy of the certificate in the original language and additionally an officially certified copy of an official translation into German or English.

Important information

The application for recognition must be handed in as personally signed cooy.

Only applications with complete documents (see checklist in your application) can be processed. Incomplete applications may be rejected.

The processing fee is due at the time of application. Your application for recognition will not be processed without receipt of payment.

Please note our FAQ's and Country-specific requirements (see right column).

You do not need a certificate of recognition? Exceptions can be found on our "Information sheet on fee collection" (see right column "Downloads"). All other persons with foreign qualifications must submit an application for recognition.


How and when will I receive my certificate of recognition?


If your application was successful, you will receive the certificate of recognition of foreign qualifications after approx. 6 weeks.

The certificate will be uploaded online on JOGU-StINe and is valid without signature and stamp as it contains a verification code.

Please download the certificate of recognition in time and save it externally as long as you still have access to your application account.

If you have to present the certificate in paper form, please simply print it out.