Recognition of foreign certificates and diplomas

The recognition of foreign certificates and diplomas of all applicants (German and foreign) is subject to a fee. You can only submit your application after your documents have been recognized (“certificate of recognition”).

Information on these exceptions can be found in the Information on the Collection of fees (see Downloads).

You can apply for recognition by filling out the application form (“Application for Recognition / Validation of foreign Certificates ”) that you can download from the right column on this page. Please make sure to print, fill out and submit all three pages. If you have not signed the third page personally, your application will not be processed. The application and other documents cannot be submitted digitally. Applications via email or fax will not be accepted.

The application can only be processed when it is submitted along with notarized copies of certificates and diplomas of foreign schools and/or universities. In some cases, these certificates and diplomas must also be translated. If the copies are not notarized (properly), the application will be rejected on procedural grounds. Scanned documents are treated as non-notarized copies. This means the applicant has to apply and pay the processing charge again.

All applicants wishing to have their foreign certificates and diplomas recognized have to pay this fee.

It is currently set at EUR 60 + any applicable transfer fees and has to be paid as soon as possible. Please note that your application will not be processed before we have received the processing charge. If we have not received the processing charge eight weeks after you have submitted your application, it will not be processed. The documents you have submitted will be destroyed. You can find our bank account details on the third page of the application.

You can only apply for a program at JGU after receiving their certificate of recognition.

It usually takes around six weeks to process your documents and issue the certificate.

You can find more information on the evaluation of foreign certificates and diplomas on the ANABIN (German version only) website.

Please note that the answers to a lot of general questions can be found in our FAQs.