Checklist of Required Documents

In order to apply for admission, the following document must be submitted complete and on time:

printed and signed Online-Application
certificate from JGU certifying the foreign applicants educational background in the form of an officially validated photocopy (Anerkennungsurkunde)
officially validated photocopy or manuscript of qualifications for entrance to higher education and a translation thereof
officially validated certificate, and respectively the grade from the university entrance exam - if such an exam must be taken in your home country
officially validated photocopy or manuscript of all acquired university grades and a translation thereof - if you have already studied at a recognized university
where applicable, officially certified copy of the exam from the preparatory course (Feststellungsprüfung) and extension exams (Erweiterungsprüfungen)
officially validated photocopy of a certificate proving your knowledge of the German language
curriculum vitae / prersonal data sheet up until the point of application
EURO 1.45 in German stamps (if available)
when applying for a doctoral degree: "acceptance confirmation" as a doctoral student, see Doctoral enrollment for students not previously enrolled at JGU
when applying for admission to an advanced semester of study: officially validated photocopy of credit transfer of academic courses and previous exams
when applying for a Master's program: subject specific requirements can be found as part of the online application. Please go to the master program you want to apply for ("Range of Courses" or "Continuing Education Programs") and see "Entrance Requirements".
Confirmation of Application from JGU (see online-application form)
signed statement permitting JGU to validate and review my credentials (Erklärung zur Überprüfung der Echtheit der Zeugnisse) (not applicable when a certificate of recognition is submitted to JGU)
a simple copy (not certified) of the passport-page stating your first and familyname and your birthdate