Costs, funding and aid


No tuition fees are charged for doctorates. However, you will have to fund your maintenance costs and any expenses for your research work.


Individual doctorate:

Funding is frequently obtained via a research post at the university or a scholarship. However, many doctoral students have to fund their doctorates themselves.

Structured doctorate:

Funding for a doctorate under structured doctoral programs is generally obtained via an employment contract or a scholarship. Further information is available directly from the relevant program.

Continuing education and advancement for Young Researchers

Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz has created programs and structures to systematically support and train young academics. Find out more about the support options you could take advantage of and the continuing education events you could attend as a doctoral candidate at JGU at the Portal for Young Researchers.

Special offerings for young academics

Mainz University and the federal state government of Rhineland-Palatinate aim to provide special support to women in obtaining academic qualifications.

The Coaching Center at the Office of Gender Equality offers professional and cross-faculty careers support specifically for young female academics.

In humanities and social sciences as well as medicine, young female academics receive support via special mentoring programs offered by the Office of Gender Equality and the University Medical Center.

You can obtain further information on additional support options tailored to qualified young female academics from the Office of Gender Equality.