Course lottery master

Did you apply for an admission-restricted master's program and not get a place in the regular admission process? Or did you miss the application deadline for admission-restricted Master's programs?

Then apply to participate in the lottery procedure for admission-restricted Master's programs!

In order to participate in the lottery procedure, you must fulfill the subject-specific requirements. You can find these in the study profile.

In addition, you must have completed a bachelor's degree or have at least 135 credit points.

If you completed your undergraduate degree at a foreign university, you will need recognition of your degree.

For most degree programs, you must also provide proof of German language skills at DSH-2 level. You can find recognized proofs on the page on DSH equivalents.
You can also find out which language skills are required for the application in the respective study profile.

For the lottery procedure for the summer semester 2022, apply online via JOGU-StINe from 01.02. to 28.02.2022. Via the tab "Application/Registration" you can search for your subject in the study offer. In the list you will then find an entry with the addition "Losverfahren".

After you have completed all sections, submit the application online. A paper application is not necessary.

Please note the following important points:

  • You can only apply for admission-restricted Master's programs.
  • No rejection notes are sent in the lottery.
  • Admissions are usually granted in the first weeks of the lecture period.