Studying for a degree at JGU

Requirements for studying at JGU

Below you find information on how to apply at JGU as international student.

Country-specific requirements (important information!)

Formal requirements

Recognition of foreign certificates and if applicable recognition of study and examination achievements from abroad

Language requirements German or other foreign language




Two-step application procedure

If you would like to apply for a degree course at the JGU with foreign certificates, please note the two-steps application procedure.


1. Application for recognition


Application for recognition of foreign certificates (duration approx. 6 weeks)


Current information on the application for recognition:

The application for recognition is available online via Jogustine. Please upload all documents required for the evaluation in your online application! (Status 18 March 2020)


2. Online application


After receiving the certificate of recognition: Online application on JOGU-StINe


More information about the application procedure in general can be found here.


Courses available at JGU

undergraduate courses available at JGU see here

graduate courses available at JGU see here

doctoral studies, PHD see here