Departmental requirements

Information about the department-specific requirements for admission to a doctoral degree program can be obtained from the professors in the relevant faculties and are provided in the doctoral degree regulations for the faculty in which you wish to obtain a doctorate.

In order to be admitted to a doctoral degree program at Mainz University, you must provide the following documentation:

1. Confirmation of acceptance as a doctoral student

To be admitted to a doctoral degree program at Mainz University, you will generally require the written confirmation of a professor at the university who is willing to serve as a doctoral supervisor (see download).

It is possible to pursue a doctorate by selecting a research topic of your preference and then seeking a doctoral supervisor. It is also possible to participate in a research project in order to identify a suitable topic related to it. In this case, you will need to make direct contact with a potential doctoral supervisor in Mainz. Information on the research specializations of the various professors at JGU can be found on the individual faculty home pages.

Please remember when approaching a potential doctoral supervisor that they are under no obligation to accept you as a doctoral candidate. It is your responsibility to find a professor who is willing to serve as a supervisor for your dissertation. It is therefore highly advisable that you demonstrate your own academic self-sufficiency in your conversations/e-mails/correspondence.

The International Office - Incoming does not maintain lists of the special interests of the individual professors and as such is not in a position to assist with your search for a supervisor. You will need to contact any potential supervisors personally.

2. Acceptance as a doctoral candidate by the faculty

The dean of the faculty in which you intend to obtain a doctoral degree will review the doctoral degree regulations to ensure that you are eligible for acceptance as a doctoral candidate and the potential subsequent award of a doctor title ("Acceptance as a doctoral candidate by the faculty").

Applications for acceptance must be submitted to the dean's office. This can be undertaken after your arrival in Mainz.