Disabled students

The Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz provides help to disabled students in various forms to ensure that they can study as independently as possible and acquire their degrees without hindrance on the campus. Our range of services is described on this page.

Semester ticket repayment for disabled students

Students with the appropriate "stamp" (supplementary sheet to the disabled person's pass) can apply to the Autonomous Disabled Person's Office of AStA for reimbursement of the value of the semester ticket (currently EUR 195,93, winter semester 2015/16). Applications must be submitted by: May 7 for the summer semester and November 7 for the winter semester. See the web pages of the AStA for the application form, further information, and details of contact persons.

Special mobility aids

Disabled students with an appropriate doctor's certificate can contact the Traffic Office to obtain a permit to use motorized mobility aids on campus.

Accommodation adapted to the needs of disabled students

Disabled students are given priority for accommodation in the halls of residence of Mainz Student Union. Accommodation with wheelchair access is available in the residences K 3, Oberstadt and Wallstraße. The rooms contain appropriate sanitary facilities, cooking facilities, and furniture. Contact the Department of Student Accommodation of the Mainz Student Union.

Auditoriums/classrooms with limited access

If you are a disabled student wishing to attend a class or lecture that is being held in an auditorium/classroom with limited access, please contact your Student Counseling Office.