FAQ: Exchange programs/ERASMUS

I’m having technical difficulties with the online application system. Who can I contact?

In case of technical difficulties, please contact the JOGU-StINe support per email: bewerbung-jogustine(at)uni-mainz.de or by phone: +49 6131 39-29999 – There are no office hours. Please simply contact us per phone or email.

I noticed I made a mistake in my application after having electronically submitted my application. How can I fix it?

Please write us an email at exchange@international.uni-mainz.de and describe the mistake in your application. We will contact you and explain what you can do next.

How will I know that JGU has received my application for admission?

Once you have electronically submitted your application for admission via the online application system, you will receive an email confirming that we have received your application.

When will I be informed of the outcome of my application as an exchange student?

If you applied on time, we will upload your official letter of admission on the online application portal JOGU-StINe by mid-September (for the winter semester) or mid-March (summer semester) at the latest. The earlier you apply, the sooner you will receive the official letter of admission.

When can I apply as an exchange student?

The online application period for the next winter semester starts mid-May and for the next summer semester, in mid-November. You cannot apply for the semester after the next. This means JGU will not take into account applications submitted mid-May for next year’s summer semester or submitted mid-November for next year’s winter semester. JGU cannot transfer applications. If you would like to receive your official notification early (because of a visa application, for example), please apply as soon as possible once the application period has begun.

What happens when I click the ‘withdraw’ button?

If you withdraw your application, it is automatically excluded from the admissions process, meaning that we will not upload an official notification. If you withdraw your application after you have received a positive response regarding your studies from us, it will be invalidated. You will not be able to enroll at JGU any longer.
It is possible to reactivate your application within the application deadline. To do so, you have to press the corresponding button in the online application portal. If the deadline has passed, you must wait for the next admissions cycle to submit a new application (for the following semester).
Please only use the ‘withdraw’ option if you are not interested in studying at JGU anymore.

I will only stay in Mainz for a limited period of time during my doctoral studies and will complete the program at my home university. How should I fill out the online application?

In the first step, select the application for admission as “NON-DEGREE STUDENT (exchange program, such as ERASMUS, university partnerships)”. When indicating the degree, select “MASTER” or “DOCTORATE” and add the necessary information (that you will stay in Mainz during your doctorate for a limited period of time) on the printout. You can find a video tutorial here in the ‘related links’ section.

Why does the official letter of admission indicate that I am in my second semester?

As a non-degree student, you are not obliged to follow the examination regulations of a specific program of study and instead choose courses according to the regulations of your exchange program, often from different subject-related semesters and even different programs of study. It is therefore not possible (and for your studies at JGU not necessary) to assign you a specific semester. However, due to technical reasons, JGU must select a specific semester for your enrollment and for all of the exchange students this specified semester is the second semester.

I need an enrollment certificate for my visa application. Could you issue or send the certificate?

Certificates of enrollment can only be issued to students who are already enrolled at JGU. Once you are enrolled, the certificate of enrollment, like the letter of admission, will be uploaded on JOGU-StINe under >Service >My Documents. Your enrollment will take place in person in Mainz; therefore, it is impossible to send the certificate in advance.

If you have applied for admission but haven’t received a certificate of enrollment yet, you can submit your letter of admission to the embassy when applying for a visa. Since the letters of admission are uploaded as soon as possible, we do not send out further application confirmations.

The German Diplomatic Mission will not accept my printed-out letter of admission. What should I do?

Please make sure the verification information at the bottom of every page is visible on your printout. The verification can be called up using the QR-code, the verification web site (docverify), or by typing in the code by hand. A software or app is not needed if you verify the document using our website. Therefore, our Federal Foreign Office agreed all German missions will accept our certificates and notifications.

If you are still having problems, please ask the German mission to contact us and let us know at Exchange(at)international.uni-mainz.de with the heading Zul-O and your application number.

Can you send me an application confirmation?

You will receive two emails from us.

The first one will confirm that your application has been electronically received once you submit it online. The second confirms the receipt of your application. Thus, you will know we have received your application. Since the certificates of admission are uploaded as soon as possible, we do not send out further confirmations of application.

I cannot participate in the Infodays, where and when can I enrol?

If the Infodays are mentioned on your letter of admission as enrollment date but you cannot participate in them, you can enroll in person at JGU later. Please let us know in advance that you need to enroll later, as well as which week you would like to enroll in. Please send us your request at exchange(at)international.uni-mainz.de with the following subject: Terminverlegung BEW-Nr.(application number) ... . We will let you know where and when you can enroll.

Since the GIS-Services are responsible for you, you should also notify them that you will not attend the Infodays and when they should expect you instead. You can reach GIS-Services at gis@international.uni-mainz.de.

I can’t find my certificate. What should I do?

As soon as we have uploaded the letter of admission or other certificates for you, we will notify you per email (this is why it’s very important that you check the e-mail you used to create the account regularly and don’t change it). You can find the certificates on JOGU-StINe under >Service >My Documents.