FAQ for the Online-Application

I'm having technical problems with the online application. Whom should I contact?

In the event of technical problems, please contact the Jogustine support team, either via e-mail or by phone: +49 6131 39-29999 - there are no fixed consultation hours! Contact via phone or mail only.

I have not received official confirmation of my foreign qualifications; can I still apply online?

You are welcome to apply online, but must accept that your application will very probably be rejected for formal reasons. A guide to the correct method for applying online, including a list of the documents that must be submitted, can be found here.

Does passing the assessment test (“Feststellungsprüfung”) make recognition of qualifications unnecessary?

No, because the official recognition procedure involves a review of the certificates from your home country. Even if you successfully complete the assessment test in Germany, validation will still be necessary for your prior educational qualifications obtained outside Germany.

Is the assessment test ("Feststellungsprüfung") equivalent to the visit of a German school under foreign law?

No. The assessment test is taken according to German law. However, foreign students, who have taken the assessment test, continue to be considered as foreign students.
The question asking for a german school, with a school-leaving qualification according to foreign law, refers to a school diploma obtained at a German school abroad (Deutsche Auslandsschule) or a German language-diploma-school abroad (Deutsche Sprachdiplomschule). In addition to the school diploma, usually the DSDI or DSDII (Deutsches Sprachdiplom) is also aquired. Only if you have graduated from a DAS- or DSD-school, you answere this question in the online application with YES.

I am studying for a doctorate abroad that will require me to study in Mainz for a limited period of time. I will be completing my doctorate at my own home university. Which forms do I need to fill out for the online application?

Please first select 'EXCHANGE STUDENT/NO DEGREE (study program, e.g. ERASMUS, partner universities)'. When indicating the type of degree, select 'MASTER' and then add to the printout that you are coming to Mainz as part of your doctoral studies.

I have applied online for a place to study. When will I have to submit my application form and the documents to the JGU?

Please send the printed and signed application of admission and all necessary documents to the adress given on the application form at the latest by 3 working days (monday - friday) after application deadline. Or hand in the application of admission at the Infodesk International in the student service center.
The receipt stamp of the JGU is decisive (not the post stamp of the posting - thus, please note the mail-delivery times).
Applications submitted incomplete or after the deadline cannot be considered in the procurement procedure.