Formal Requirements

Before you are admitted to JGU, you will need to apply for a Certificate of Recognition, in which your certificates and diplomas will be assessed and compared to the German Abitur.

The conversion of grades to the German grading system takes place according the “Bavarian Formula”, a process agreed upon by the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs (KMK) on April 15th, 1994 and revised November 18th, 2004. For grade conversion to take place, information on the highest and lowest possible grades in the foreign grading system must be available.

Please see the anabin website for detailed information.

The Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs (KMK) have determined which certificates and diplomas are necessary for the grade conversion process.

Foreign certificates that are equivalent to the German Abitur (= direct admission)

Certificates that are recognized as being equivalent to the German Abitur allow for direct admission to the university. Like the German Abitur, your certificate may allow you to apply for any subject, or you may be restricted to certain subjects.

Calculation of Grade Average: Your grade average will be calculated entirely based on your foreign certificates and diplomas (see Certificate of Recognition).

Foreign certificates NOT equivalent to the German Abitur  (= admission after passing the Feststellungsprüfung)

Foreign certificates that allow for admission to universities abroad but are not considered equivalent to the German Abitur require the holder to pass an assessment test, the so called Feststellungsprüfung.

To check which documents are required for the Certificate of Recognition, see the anabin database (page in German) and choose your country from the list.

Calculation of Grade Average: Once you have passed the Feststellungsprüfung, your grade average will be calculated as follows:

  • Your foreign certificates (see Certificate of Recognition) will count for 50%
  • and the grade you received on the Feststellungsprüfung will count for 50%.