Formal requirements

Do you have one or more of the following degrees?

  1. A foreign university degree that directly entitles you to admission to a doctoral degree program
  2. Two consecutive foreign university degrees such as a Bachelor's and Master’s degree
  3. A foreign Bachelor's or comparable degree plus a German foreign language degree obtained in a postgraduate course.

There is a two-stage application procedure for candidates for doctoral degree programs at JGU:

  1. You must first apply for Certification of Recognition / Validation of Foreign Certificates at Mainz University and submit all previously acquired university certificates, especially the diploma(s) and transcript(s).
  2. You must then submit an online application.
    You may choose, if you want to register with the faculty only or if you additionally will enroll as a doctoral student. Make your decision beforehand and klick the appropriate answer in the online application. You may register first and enrol at a later date or not at all if this is more convenient.

By checking at anabin, you should be able to get some idea of whether your previously acquired foreign degrees are likely to qualify you for admission to a doctoral degree program at Mainz University. It is advisable to start looking for a suitable doctoral supervisor only if your non-German qualifications are equivalent to a German university degree. At the same time or after your successful search for an advisor, you will need to apply to the Office of International admission for official recognition of your non-German qualifications.

If there are doubts as to whether your foreign university degrees qualify you for admission to a doctoral degree program at Mainz University, then you should always first apply for official recognition of your foreign qualifications at the Office of International Admission. You should only begin looking for a doctoral advisor once you have received the Certificate of Recognition from Mainz University and it is confirmed that you are qualified for admission to a doctoral degree program there. It is recommended that you send prospective doctoral advisors a copy of your Certificate of Recognition issued by Mainz University.

Please note the country-specific requirements!