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German language course

All applicants with foreign direct university admission (“direkter Hochschulzugang”) can apply for the preparatory German language course prior to the intended major:

The preparatory German language course  at the “Internationales Studien- und Sprachenkolleg ISSK” of the JGU Mainz usually takes two semesters and is specially designed to prepare for the DSH-exam
Before applying, please check which level of German language proficiency you need for the desired major (DSH 1, 2 or 3). Normally, the standard level required is DSH 2, but there are exceptions to this rule, especially in some artistic subjects (Music/Art) or in British/American studies.

As an exception recognized refugees and persons who were granted asylum can also apply for the preparatory German language course especially offered for them, as long as they have a validation certificate stating an indirect (that is university access after passing the “Feststellungsprüfung” = final exam of the Studienkolleg) or direct access to university.

How can I apply?

If you wish to apply for the German preparatory course you need to apply online, regardless of your citizenship.
For a smooth application, please keep the number of your validation certificate and your current German language proficiency level ready.
To start the online-application in JoGUstine, please click on the button “Bewerbung”. You will first have to generate an account (see video tutorial in the right-hand column). The email address you indicate by generating your account will be your username with which you can always log in to the online-application portal. After logging in to JoGUstine, please choose as subject: German course (“Deutschkurs”). To help you with each step in the application for the German course, please watch the application tutorial for the German course in the right-hand column.

If you are refugee or were granted asylum you can apply for the specific German language course for refugees. Therefore please choose the subject Deutschkurs für Flüchtlinge (German course for refugees) in the drop down menu of JoGustine. For the following steps you might also find useful the application tutorial for the German preparatory course in the right-hand column.
If you want to hold your online application, please always save the date entered. You can continue with your application at any time. Please notice that you cannot change your application once you electronically send it. You will receive a confirmation via email as soon as your application electronically entered the JGU.
Each application has its own number. Please indicate this number every time you contact us.


What do I need to do after sending my application electronically?

After you sent your application electronically, please print out the application form and sign it. Then, submit the hardcopy of your application form together with officially verified certificates to the address indicated in the application. Please always note the deadline.
After the hardcopy of your application entered the university, you will receive an email confirming the entrance. Please note that additional emails concerning the entrance of your application form will NOT be answered. If you need a signed confirmation for visa purposes, you can apply for it in the online-application.

Which documents do I need to send along with my application form?

Validation certificate of the JGU Mainz
• Certificates (school and/or university in original language and in German translation)
• Certificate of German language proficiency (at least at the B1-level)
• Curriculum vitae
• Simple (non-verified) copy of your passport (indicating your personal data)
• For the German course for refugees only:
a true certified copy of the letter of the German authority granting refugee-status or asylum or
the pages of your passport indicating your personal data together with the page indicating your residence status (i.e. § 25 Abs. 1 or §25 Abs.2 option 1 or 2 AufenthaltsG)


With the print-out of your application you will receive a checklist, based on which you can check if you need to submit further documents.

We wish you a successful application and would be pleased to welcome you at JGU soon.

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