Intercultural Romance Studies (M.A.)

The most important facts at a glance:


Master of Arts (M.A.)

Standard period of studies:

4 semesters


Winter and summer semester

Admission restrictions:

Open admission


You find information on the application procedure for international students here.

Applicants with foreign certificates: Language of instruction: German
Required language certificate: DSH-2

Winter semester: April 1 - September 1

Summer semester: October 1 - March 1

Required Bachelor's degree:

French / Lettres modernes (B.A.)

French (B.A.)

Italian (B.A.)

Spanish (B.A.)


Department of Romance Studies


Faculty 05: Philosophy and Philology


The accreditation of study programmes for Bachelor and Master Degrees constitutes as a precondition for the granting of state approval.

Subject Matter

In the "Intercultural Romance Studies" Master's program at JGU, students can choose from a concentration in literature or linguistics in a Romance subject (French, Spanish or Italian), with a focus on interculturalism along with an element that is interdisciplinary and partly oriented toward the media. Knowledge already acquired in a Romance Studies major will be supplemented and enhanced with practical skills from the fields of cultural and language transmission. In addition, the course of study will provide expert knowledge and methodological skills in another Romance language or literature and will open the way to current research in Romance Studies.

The intercultural program focuses on the Romance culture in which the Bachelor's degree was obtained (RK1). In addition, another Romance culture (RK2) that was not the subject of the Bachelor's degree will be taught.

Master entrance requirements

Admission requirements for the Master's degree program in "Intercultural Romance Studies:" Proof of a Bachelor's degree in Romance Studies or an equivalent final degree from a university in Germany or abroad; of which at least 60 credit points must be in Romance Studies with focus on Philology of RK1. If the bachelor's degree has not yet been completed by the time of application, the applicant must provide proof of two third of the required subject-specific credit points by the end of the application deadline.

Proof of required language knowledge:

  1. Proof of Latin knowledge as per the Latinum qualification, either by a higher education entrance qualification certificate or state supplementary examination in accordance with the applicable version of the State Ordinance on Supplementary Examinations in Latin and Greek of July 13, 1983 (Law and Official Gazette (p. 191).
  2. Proof of language knowledge in the language of RK2 according to Level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Proof is via successful completion of the "Practical Language Admission Test" given by JGU's Institute of Romance Studies. The following language certificates from each country's cultural institute are recognized as equivalents: a. French: Diplôme d'Études en Langue Française (DELF B1) b. Spanish: Diploma de Español Lengua Extranjera (DELE Inicial B1) c. Italian: Certificazione di Italiano come Lingua Straniera (CILS UNO-B1). The proof of language ability may not be older than two years when the applicant begins the Master's degree program. The Examination Committee will decide which other official language certificates are recognized. If the proof for language knowledge is not available, the student may enroll provided that they submit the required proof by the end of the first semester of study (March 31st or September 30th). If proof is not provided to the Examination Committee within the deadline mentioned, the student will no longer be allowed to continue their program. Their enrollment will be canceled without further notice.

In addition to such proof, it is assumed that students have a very good active and passive knowledge of the language of RK1 to produce written and oral study and examination qualifications in this language.

Proof of proficiency in the German language to the level of the "German Language Proficiency Examination for Admission to Higher Education for Foreign Applicants (DSH)" is required for foreign applicants from non-German-speaking countries


The International Office offers counselling for international students about the application process and general information.

The Academic Advisory Office offers specific information on the subject (List available in German only).

The Student representatives give information from a student perspective (List available in German only).