International courses

On every course, it is possible and advisable to spend one or two semesters studying abroad.

Detailed information is available in the section Studying abroad. Mainz University also offers a range of courses with a special international focus.

Integrated Franco-German courses

The integrated Franco-German programs are a special feature of the courses on offer at JGU. Students spend part of their time at JGU and part of their time at the French university, and they graduate with both a German and French degree. This usually has no impact on the length of the course.

There are many different subjects that can be studied in the humanities
  • Bachelor/Master of Arts in Mainz, Lennoxville, and Sherbrooke
  • Bachelor/Master of Education in Mainz
  • License/Master of Arts in Dijon
  • Laurea triennale in Bologna
  • Bachelor of Science in Mainz
  • Bachelor Economie et Gestion
  • State exam
  • Licence/Maîtrise
  • Magister iuris
  • Magister Legum
  • Bachelor Deutsches und Französisches Recht
  • Master Internationales Privatrecht und Europäisches Einheitsrecht