The first Integrated German-French course

Program information

Participating subject Law
Course/degrees State Examination; Licence/Master I
University in France Université de Paris XII (St. Maur), Dijon, Nantes
Course start date Usually in the fifth semester of the State Examination law course

Preparatory program

During the first two years of study in Mainz, students complete a normal law degree, while also taking part in the preparatory program, which includes language courses, introductory courses to French law, an excursion to the partner universities, and a seminar comparing legal systems. The actual selection process for the integrated course does not take place until the summer semester prior to the stay abroad (i.e. usually in the fourth or sixth semester).

Detailed information on the structure of the course is available from the Law Department's International Office.

Conditions of participation

  • State Examination law course at JGU
  • Participation in the preparatory program
  • Selection process

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