Letter of Rejection

The letter of rejection states why your application to a certain program was not successful. You will receive this letter along with the documents that you have submitted for the application.

Why was my application rejected?

  1. Rejection on procedural grounds
  2. Rejection due to capacity constraints

When are the rejection letters sent out?

The letter stating your application has been rejected for procedural reasons is sent out as soon as the International Admissions Office has determined the reason for rejection. This means that these letters are not sent out on one specific day.
The rejection due to capacity constraints can only take place after the general admissions process has been concluded. The rejection letters for applicants in advanced semesters with limited access are sent out after the beginning of the lecture period, as we have to wait until the deadline for re-registration has expired.
Please make sure to let us know about any eventual address changes, as the entire application process can take up to several months. JGU does not accept any liability for the return of documents.

Rights to appeal

The letter of rejection contains information on your rights to appeal. This means that if you feel that you have a legitimate justification, you have the right to appeal against that decision. Appeals can be sent in up to a month after the rejection letter was sent out.
For the appeal, you will have to send us all documents you have previously handed in for your application in addition to any documents that prove why you should not have been rejected.
The fact that you do not agree with the rejection is not a reasonable ground to appeal. If you cannot substantiate your appeal, it will be rejected. Please note that appeals are subject to charges. If it has been rejected, these costs will fall to you. Therefore, sending in an appeal only makes sense if you are absolutely sure that there is a compelling justification to do so.


Has your application been rejected because JGU did not receive notarized copies of your documents before the deadline? Handing in an appeal along with the missing copies will not be accepted. It will be rejected, because the application deadline is a definitive closing date.
The same principle applies to rejections on grounds of missing documents.