Prospective students of master’s and extension degrees must have a first degree qualification.

Details of admission requirements are provided in the relevant course profiles for Master's and continuing education programs.

Applications for a place on a master’s course should be submitted online. The same applies to applicants who have already enrolled at JGU.

Entry requirements

Prospective students of master’s and extension degrees must have a first degree qualification.

Please note: applicants for a master’s or extension course should have specialist qualifications in the relevant discipline.

Details of these admission requirements can be found in the relevant course profile.

Number of applications

At JGU, you can apply for a maximum of three master’s courses with restricted admission per application period. In the main application procedure, decisions are initially made regarding all valid applications. Applicants will receive notification of their acceptance or rejection for each application. In case that more than one of your applications has been successful you need to decide which course of study you are going to follow. Please note, that after this decision has been made, all of your other applications will be excluded from the application process.

Application deadline

The following general application deadlines apply to master’s courses :

  • courses starting in the winter semester: May 15
  • courses starting in the summer semester: November 15

For execptions to the general application deadline please see individual course information.

What to do if you have not yet received your bachelor’s degree certificate

If you are just completing your bachelor’s degree and have not received your degree certificate by the application deadline, apply by the deadline with proof of all your previous course and exam results including the average mark achieved so far; proof must be provided by the competent university or college.

You will have to submit a certified copy of your degree certificate by the end of the first semester of the master’s course, otherwise your enrollment for the master’s course will become invalid.

Requirements for a master's program at JGU with foreign certificates

The International Admission Office checks the formal equivalence of your previous university qualifications (this process takes up to 6 weeks). JGU will only accept applications based on foreign certificates including (!) a certification of recognition / validation of the application documents submitted.

The nationality of the applicant is not relevant.

You may download the required form ("Application for the Recognition / Validation of Foreign Certificates").

The certificate of recognition / validation will be issued only after € 60 were transfered to our account (no checks, credit cards or banknotes are accepted).

Officially validated copies of these certificates must be presented both in the original language and in German or English translation (except for English and French certificates). After you receive the recognition / validation certificate you can apply for the master course.

If you don’t receive your foreign degree before the application deadline, a preliminary validation is possible under the following prerequisites:

  • The foreign University confirms that you will finish your studies until 31.03. (for an application for summer semester) or until 30.09. (for an application for winter semester)
  • You have to present a current confirmation about the achieved marks including GPA of your previous studies

If you receive your Bachelor certificate in July or August and want to apply for a Master course in the following summer semester, JGU will issue no preliminary validation certificate. In this case, the validation certificate will be issued based on the final Bachelor degree including transcript.

Information for international students with a student visa

If you have a university degree that is equivalent to a diploma/magister degree, state examination or master’s in Germany and have a temporary student visa, we strongly advise you to obtain permission for further study in Germany from the relevant Foreigners Registration Authority before applying. Enrollment at Mainz University does not provide grounds for a residence permit to be granted. Applicants who hold a bachelor’s degree and wish to continue with a relevant master’s degree do not require this permission. However, if you have changed subjects between your bachelor’s and master’s degrees (i.e. non-consecutive study), we also strongly advise you to obtain permission from the Foreigners Registration Authority before applying.

Selection process

The selection process for master’s courses with restricted admission varies depending on the subject; information on the key selection criteria can be found in the relevant course profiles.

For master’s courses without restricted admission, you will receive a place on the course if you apply by the deadline and meet the admission requirements (see the relevant course profile).


You will be notified of whether your application for a study place has been accepted or rejected:

  • for courses beginning in the summer semester: approximately in mid-January
  • for courses beginning in the winter semester: approximately in mid-July.