If you would like to apply at JGU with foreign certificates, there are a number of documents you must submit.

In your application, please adhere strictly to the following: we only accept complete applications which we receive before the application deadlines. "Complete" means you have

  • filled out the application truthfully and in its entirety
  • personally signed the original and
  • attached all required certificates as officially certified copies

All certificates must be submitted as officially certified copies or as a true copy of the original. If the original was not issued in German, English or French, you must additionally attach an officially certified translation of the certificate in German or English to your application.

Please do not submit originals, only officially certified copies. The University of Mainz assumes no responsibility for unsolicited original certificates that are submitted.

In the online application, please give us a postal address where you are able to receive mail reliably and quickly at any time. If the applicant's name is different from the name on the mailbox, you must complete the c/o field. If your correspondence address changes before you receive notice from us, please inform JGU immediately of your new address (by letter, fax or e-mail with the subject line ZUL-O and your application number); otherwise you will either not receive the reply or you will receive it late.

Check if the country-specific information applies to you (German version only).

You need these documents for your application:

  • Certificate of Recognition from JGU
  • the printed and signed copy of the online application
  • officially notarized copies of your school and university certificates
  • certificate of proficiency in the German language and, for some degree programs, certificate of proficiency in the English language
  • CV