Applying for a Master’s Program with Foreign Certificates


Did you earn your bachelor’s degree outside of Germany and would now like to complete your master’s degree at JGU?

Then you will find all of the information you need in order to apply here:



In order to apply at JGU with a foreign degree, you must first apply for recognition of this degree. This recognition is issued by Johannes Gutenberg University’s Student Services.

Please read the information on this process on the info pages carefully and take note of country-specific requirements.

I will receive my bachelor’s degree after the application deadline. Can I still apply for recognition?

Yes, you can apply for a preliminary certificate of recognition, which you can use to apply for a master’s program. In this case, you must fulfill the following conditions:

  • Your university confirms that you will finish your bachelor program by March 31st (if you are applying for the summer semester) or September 30th (if you are applying for the winter semester) at the latest. This confirmation must be issued no more than three months prior to the application deadline.
  • You submit a current transcript of records with the current average grade along with the application for recognition.
  • Additionally, you must include proof of your university entrance qualification (diploma or school leaving certificate). You can check which documents are required using the  info-portal anabin of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Länder.
Once you have applied with the preliminary certificate of recognition, you must submit the official certificate of recognition to Student Services by the end of the first academic semester.

  1. Check the formal and subject-specific prerequisites using the description of the course of studies
  2. Create an account using the JOGU-StINe web portal
    For selective master’s programs, you may submit up to three equally ranked applications.
  3. Create a printable document of the application by clicking “Print”. Print the document and sign it. It will include instructions on the further documents you must submit to Student Services along with the signed application.
  4. Submit the documents to Student Services within the application period. Your documents will first be formally checked by a Student Services employee and then sent on to the relevant faculty to be checked for subject-specific requirements.
  5. You will be informed of the result of your application online through the JOGU-StINe portal as soon as the decisions have been made. You will be sent an email to the email address you entered in JOGU-StINe, letting you know that the official notification has been made available in the document section of JOGU-StINe.

I have received a letter of admission. What should I do next?

In order to accept the offered spot, submit the declaration of acceptance (which you should have received along with the letter of admission) by the specific deadline and pay the semester fee.

The enrollment can only be carried out when all of the documents listed in the letter of admission have been submitted to Student Services.

If you have been accepted to several programs, you must decide on one. By accepting one, you are automatically disqualified from the others. You will also not be waitlisted for other programs.


I have not accepted to my target degree program.

If you were not admitted in the main admission period or have not accepted an offer of admission, you will be placed on the waitlist. In order to do so, submit the declaration of participation in the waitlist procedure to Student Services by the specified deadline.

You can apply for the preparatory German course at Johannes Gutenberg University’s International Preparatory and Language Center (ISSK) with your foreign bachelor’s degree, if your diploma is recognized as allowing you direct admission to German universities. You can find the relevant information on your certificate of recognition.

You can find all of the information on the specific application deadlines and application process on the preparatory German course’s informational pages.

You do not need a letter of admission to the university in order to apply for a visa! You can apply for a visa early using the confirmation of submission, which is sent out automatically per e-mail.

Once you have applied for the visa using the confirmation of submission, you can submit the letter of admission to the visa-issuing authority later.

If you have already studied in Germany and completed a Magister, Diplom, Staatsexamen, or master’s degree, you should make sure to get approval from the responsible Foreigners’ Office before applying for a master program.

You should also make sure to get approval if you change from a bachelor’s program to a subject-related but not consecutive master’s program (for example, from Bachelor Germanistik to Master Journalism).

If you want to apply for changing from a bachelor’s program into a consecutive program (for example, from the Bachelor of Science Mathematics to the Master of Science Mathematics, you do not require approval from the Foreigners’ Office.