Philosophy (M.A.)

The most important facts at a glance:


Master of Arts (M.A.)

Standard period of studies:

4 semesters


Winter and summer semester

Admission restrictions:

Open admission


You find information on the application procedure for international students here.

Applicants with foreign certificates: Language of instruction: German
Required language certificate: DSH-2

Winter semester: April 1 - September 1

Summer semester: October 1 - March 1

Required Bachelor's degree:

Philosophy (B.A.)

Philosophy (German-French program) (B.A.)


Department of Philosophy


Faculty 05: Philosophy and Philology


The accreditation of study programmes for Bachelor and Master Degrees constitutes as a precondition for the granting of state approval.

Subject Matter

Philosophy analyses the conditions and premises of thought and cognition as well as the position of mankind in the world. Among other things, philosophy asks the question of how ethical and moral norms can be promulgated and justified and how human life can be organized rationally.

During the course of its history, which spans thousands of years, philosophy has had an interrelationship with other sciences. This created the various branches of philosophy, including metaphysics, ontology, hermeneutics, epistemology, logic, ethics, aesthetics, language philosophy, and the philosophies of history and law. These branches form part of the Master of Arts in Philosophy, with both a historical and a systematic focus.

Master entrance requirements

Proof of a Bachelor's degree consisting of a minimum standard period of study of six semesters at a university in Germany or abroad with at least 60 credit points in the philosophical and ethical portion of the program or an equivalent final degree with equivalent subject-related study and examination qualifications. If the bachelor's degree has not yet been completed by the time of application, the applicant must provide proof of two third of the required subject-specific credit points by the end of the application deadline.

Proof of proficiency in the German language to the level of the "German Language Proficiency Examination for Admission to Higher Education for Foreign Applicants (DSH)" is required for foreign applicants from non-German-speaking countries.

Focus on "Philosophy of Antiquity" and "Philosophy of the Middle Ages"
When choosing to focus on "Philosophy of Antiquity" or "Philosophy of the Middle Ages" in the final examination, students must demonstrate a basic knowledge of Ancient Greek by providing proof of successful participation in a course for beginners or sufficient knowledge of Latin with a minimum of three years of high school completed with a minimum grade of "satisfactory" the semester before registering for the Master's final examination. The state Latinum qualification counts as five years of Latin instruction. If the requirements cited are not provided, proof must be furnished by means of an additional examination at the university.


The International Office offers counselling for international students about the application process and general information.

The Academic Advisory Office offers specific information on the subject (List available in German only).

The Student representatives give information from a student perspective (List available in German only).