Preparatory College ('Studienkolleg')

If your recognition says "University entrance qualification after passing successfully the Feststellungsprüfung" (assessment test), you must take the so-called Feststellungsprüfung. We strongly recommend that you attend the preparatory college, the so-called "Studienkolleg", in order to prepare for the Feststellungsprüfung.


General information


  • Preparation at the preparatory college usually lasts one semester.

  • The semester of the preparatory college may be repeated once.

  • Summer semester: start of the course in February and enrolment in the current winter semester.

  • Winter semester: start of the course in August and enrolment in the current summer semester.

  • The lessons will be held in German

  • Courses at the Studienkolleg will comprise approximately 32 hours per week. The teaching and holiday periods of the ISSK differ from the lecture and lecture-free periods of the JGU.


The preparatory college offers the following courses:

Specialized course at Mainz International and Preparatory Center / Designations of other Feststellungsprüfungen Degree programs at JGU Subject tests for the entrance examination Subject tests for the Feststellungsprüfung
Humanities / S- / G-CourseHumanities, linguistic, and artistic fields; law Linguistics German, history, literature, linguistics
Natural Sciences / M-Coursemedical-biological fields, psychology, geosciences and P.E. BiologyGerman, biology, chemistry, math
Physical Sciences / T-CourseMathematical and scientific fields (excluding biology) MathGerman, math, physics, computer science
Social and Economic Sciences / W-CourseEconomics, social scienceMathGerman, math, economics, social science


Required language skills

In order to be able to attend the Studienkolleg, you must already prove your knowledge at level B2/C1 by submitting certain certificates at the time of application. You can find a list of the certificates you have to submit with your application here.


Admission procedure

1. Application
  • Choice of the specialisation course (you can find out which specialisation course you need under range of courses or at the admission offices of the universities and colleges at which you wish to study. Please also check, whether your certificate of recognition has a binding subject.)
  • Online application (subject: preparatory college)
  • Important: Application only after recognition of your foreign certificates and diplomas

Application for the preparatory college see here


2. Entrance examination

In order to be admitted to the Studienkolleg, you must pass the ISSK entrance examination according to §9 of the Feststellungsprüfungsordnung of 27 June 2018 (as amended) at the Studienkolleg.

The date of the entrance examination for the Studienkolleg will be communicated to you individually with the notification of admission. They are in June for the winter semester and in December for the summer semester.


The subject(s) in this exam depends on your specialization course (see table above).

On the homepage of the ISSK you will find sample exams to prepare for the entrance examination.

In addition, the admission gives you access to a further learning platform. An early application is recommended in order to be able to sufficiently prepare for the entrance examination (see application deadlines).


Important information

The capacity of the Studienkolleg in the International Studien- und Sprachenkolleg (ISSK) is limited. Students are not entitled to admission to the Studienkolleg even if they pass the entrance examination.

Students having already attended another Studienkolleg cannot be admitted to the Studienkolleg at the JGU, even if they are still entitled to take the Feststellungsprüfung.


The Studienkolleg intends to clarify the requirements and the degree of difficulty of the individual examinations of the Feststellungsprüfung (see homepage of the ISSK) by means of supplementary documents such as task examples and material delimitations.