Problems while studying

Personal problems

Just as in other areas of life, you may be faced with certain demands and pressures during your studies, which you are unable to cope with on your own. If you require professional help in such a situation, you can contact the Psychotherapeutic Counseling Center of Mainz University, the Counseling Service of the Catholic University Congregation, the Counseling Service of the Protestant University Congregation, or the Counseling Service of the Student Union. See the website of the relevant counseling services for more information.

Contact person for foreign students

If you are a foreign student experiencing difficulties during your course, you can obtain advice from special contact persons in each department, the so-called liaison officers ("Vertrauensdozenten"). You can, of course, also contact the other counseling facilities cited above.

Gender discrimination and sexual harassment

Sadly, the university is no exception to the rule, and gender discrimination and sexual harassment can also occur here. In its mission statement, Mainz University has pledged to ensure that it promotes gender equality. If you have been subjected to sexual harassment, or believe that you have been discriminated against or insulted because of your gender, please do not hesitate to use the available counseling and support services. Your main contact is the Office of Gender Equality. Every department also has a Gender Equality Representative.