Exmatriculation – The end of your studies

Your exmatriculation marks the end of your studies. You can either apply for exmatriculation yourself or we can exmatriculate you ex officio. Here you can find out what you need to know about exmatriculation and how to submit the correct application.

Information on refunding the semester fee

You are applying for exmatriculation or a waiver of your study place, but you have already re-registered for the next semester? We will automatically refund your semester fee for the coming semester.

If you have received a paper ticket for the coming semester, please submit this ticket to us before the deadline so that we can arrange the refund:

Summer semester: 30.04.
Winter semester: 31.10.

Submit the paper ticket to us by post or at the Infodesk.


If your bank details have changed, submit the application form for refund to us with your current bank details.

Even while we are processing your application, your plans may change. Whether you get a place at a preferred university or no longer want to study at JGU for other reasons: You can withdraw your application at any time.

Even if you have already accepted your place. To do so, send us a short informal e-mail to studsek@uni-mainz.de. Be sure to include your application number and your full name.

A lot can happen before you start your first semester. If you are already enrolled, you can still waive your place until the last Friday before the start of lectures.

For the winter semester 2023/24:

  • 20.10.2023 (also medicine/dentistry)

To do so, notify us of the waiver of your study place via the application for waiver of study place (German only).
If you have already paid the semester fee, please also apply for a refund.

When you apply for the exmatriculation, you loose your student status by the end of the semester. The processing takes 2-3 days. After that, we will provide you with your confirmation of exmatriculation online via JOGU-StINe.

You can submit this certificate to other universities, your future employer, and other offices.

You submit your application for exmatriculation in JOGU-StINe via "Service" > "Applications" > "Electronic applications".

The latest application date is the last day of the semester:

Summer semester: 30.09.
Winter semester: 31.03.

Together with the exmatriculation certificate you will receive a confirmation of enrollment times. You will need this in order to prove your periods of study to the pension insurance.

If you have already re-registered for the next semester, you will also need to apply for a refund.

If your plans change, you can withdraw your de-registration until the last day of the semester, which for the summer semester 2021 is 30.09.2021.

In a few cases, you may need to leave the university quickly.

You only need the exmatriculation with immediate effect if you want to apply for support benefits from the employment agency. In this case, the start of benefit receipt depends on the date on which you were exmatriculated.

The de-registration with immediate effect

  • cannot be withdrawn
  • semesters of study and university semesters continue to be counted
  • may affect other positions (e.g. health insurance)
  • does not terminate an existing examination right relationship

You can submit the application at any time in JOGU-StINe via "Service" > "Applications" > "Electronic applications". The date of exmatriculation results from the processing.

Together with the certificate of exmatriculation you will receive a certificate of study periods. You will need this to prove your periods of study to the pension insurance.


Semesterticket and exmatriculation with immediate effect

With your exmatriculation with immediate effect, your semester ticket also loses its validity. From now on, you will no longer be able to access the digital ticket and the paper ticket is also no longer valid. We cannot refund the unused period of the semester ticket until the end of the semester.

In some cases, we may exmatriculate you. Ex officio exmatriculation usually occurs when:

  • you have not re-registered
  • you have completed your studies
  • you have definitively failed an examination
  • your temporary enrollment ends
  • your course of studies or the examination regulations of your course of studies are not continued
  • documents are still missing for your re-registration

If we de-register you automatically, we will upload the exmatriculation notice in JOGU-StINe. In addition, we will send you an e-mail. In your notice you will find all information about the reason for exmatriculation.

We will also explain how you can object to the de-registration in the notice.

If the deadline for objections has expired, we will send you a certificate of de-registration online. Together with the certificate of exmatriculation, you will receive a certificate of study periods. You will need this to prove your periods of study to the pension insurance.

As long as you still have access to JOGU-StINe, you can download the exmatriculation certificate again under "Service" > "My Documents" (approx. 6 months after exmatriculation).
If you no longer have access to your exmatriculation certificates already issued by JGU or if you do not have the exmatriculation certificate (anymore), please submit an informal application by mail (studsek@uni-mainz.de) or by post to the Student Services for the issuance/provision of an exmatriculation certificate and enclose a copy/scan of your ID card.

A fee of 15€ will be charged for duplicates of certificates of de-registration that have already been issued or provided. You have to transfer this fee to the following account:

Recipient: StudS Uni Mainz
BIC: MALADE51MNZ (Sparkasse Mainz)
IBAN: DE31 5505 0120 0200 0184 06
reason for payment: duplicate Uni Mainz + name + matriculation number

Please submit a proof of payment together with the informal application.

If you are studying at the Germersheim location, you will find the payment information on the website of the department 06.

The processing and provision of the de-registration certificate usually takes four working days. You will receive the duplicate by mail or e-mail, depending on the application.

If you have already paid for the duplicate but then do not need it, submit the request for reimbursement to us.