A completed course of university study (e.g. master’s/magister/diploma degree, state examination) is usually required to do a doctorate.

Special conditions, which are listed in the doctoral degree regulations, apply to applicants with a degree from a university of applied sciences or a first state examination for teaching at primary, secondary and special schools.

Applicants with an outstanding bachelor’s degree can take a doctoral degree directly (fast track) if certain requirements are met. The conditions are set out in the doctoral degree regulations.

If you are interested in an individual doctorate, the first point of contact for all formal questions is the deanery of the relevant faculty. Addresses can be found in the staff directory.

A personal consultation with the relevant departmental advisor is also recommended.

In any case, you will have to develop your own research interests and find a university lecturer (usually a professor) who is prepared to supervise your doctorate (doctoral supervisor).

If you are interested in a doctoral degree as part of a structured program, e.g. in a Research Training Group, please apply to the respective group to participate in the program. Details of the specific application requirements and process are provided on the home page for the program. You will also have to meet the general requirements set out in the respective doctoral degree regulations.