Sport and recreation

The campus is not just a place to study.

JGU offers a wide range of alternative activities.

All students at JGU can participate in the general university sports program (AHS).The program is financed by the "social contributions" paid by students (included in the semester fee). For details of all activities, see the brochure "AHS Sports Program" and the various notice boards and placards. The brochure is available from the Institute of Sports Science and can also be downloaded as a PDF file from the university sports website.

Other sporting activities that are open to all members of the university, such as activities outside the AHS program and competitions in popular forms of sport, are offered by the Student Sports Committee, which is also responsible for the organization and financing of all university sports competitions.

For more information on recreational activities on campus, see, for example, "STUZ" (a student publication) or the various notice boards and leaflets in the student canteen. Activities are also announced on the Internet.