Your library card also functions as your "Studicard" (combined library card and student card).

You will need your Studicard to pay for meals in the central student canteen. Your Studicard can also be used for other purposes:

  • Making payments in the Student Union cafeterias on campus, in the Kulturcafé, and in the campus restaurant (see link: "Catering on the campus")
  • Making cash-free payments for copies prepared using the campus photocopying machines
  • Replenishing your Center of Data Processing printing account
  • Making payments for work materials in the German Institute, in the Center of Data Processing, and in the Institutes of Chemistry and Pharmacy, as well as for services provided by the central library.
  • In all Student Union halls of residence (except Valenciahaus), the washing and drying machines can only be operated by means of a Studicard.

Where to obtain a Studicard: You can obtain a Studicard for EUR 2.50 in the foyer of the central student canteen during opening hours. You can credit the card with an amount of up to EUR 200 at the various payment stations located throughout the campus.