In the application process, JGU takes into account the TestAS as a bonus for foreign applicants who wish to enter a basic degree program. The bonus will only be considered if there is no formal master's or doctoral study permit.

If you provide copies of your TestAS results with your application, you may be able to boost your incoming grade average. This bonus system is only applicable to foreign students with foreign certificates (see bottom of page).

The TestAS measures cognitive abilities that are particularly important for successful study in Germany (Core Test), as well as those required in specific degree fields (Subject-Specific Test Modules).

When you receive the results of the TestAS, you will be able to see where your personal strengths and weaknesses lie. This can help you chose a subject to study. Regardless of which subject-specific test modules you take, you may apply to study any subject that your foreign certificates qualify you for. However, your scores on the subject modules will only be able to boost your grade average if they are appropriate to your chosen major.

The TestAS does not count as proof of language proficiency and does not replace any subject-specific entrance exam.

Please note that participation in the TestAS is only possible through registration on the TestAS website. On this website, you will be able to see testing dates, locations of test centers in Germany and abroad, and information about the contents and structure of the test. Please register early, since there are only a few test dates each year.


Test ModuleDegree Fields in Mainz
Economics=Economics; Economics and Business Education
Mathematics, Computer Science and Natural Sciences=Mathematics, Computer Science, Natural Sciences, Medicine, Psychology, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Geography
Humanities, Cultural Studies and Social Sciences=All remaining subjects (Law, Theology, Music, Languages, etc.)

The Engineering module cannot be used in Mainz, because we do not offer any corresponding majors.

Bonus System

A bonus will be added to your incoming grade average according to the points you receive on the TestAS. The following table shows possible TestAS results and the corresponding grade bonus.

TestAS Standard Score (Core Test) Grade Bonus
100 - 1090.1
110 - 1140.2
115 - 1190.3
120 - 1240.4
125 - 1300.5


TestAS Standard Score (Subject-Specific Modules)

Grade Bonus

100 - 1090.1
110 - 1140.2
115 - 1190.3
120 - 1240.4
125 - 1300.5


You wish to study Medicine and have an incoming grade average of 2.8. You take the TestAS Core Test and the “Mathematics, Computer Science and Natural Sciences” Module and get the following results:

  • Standard Score CORE TEST: 115 (grade bonus of 0.3)
  • Standard Score SUBJECT MODULE: 105 (grade bonus of 0.1)

Your grade will then be calculated as follows:

  • 2.8 - 0.3 - 0.1 = 2.4 (Remember, in the German system, a lower grade is better.)

Your application will then be processed with the grade 2.4.

If you decided to take a different subject module, only the grade from the core test would be counted. You would then have a grade average of 2.5.

Who is Eligible for the Bonus System?

The TestAS is designed for foreign students who wish to pursue a basic degree course at a German university.

Persons who are not eligible include:

  • - EU citizens
  • - EEA citizens
  • - foreign students who have formal permit to study a master’s or doctoral degree at JGU
  • - German citizens who went to school abroad and have foreign diplomas