The German National Scholarship Program 'Deutschlandstipendium' at JGU

Germany's National Scholarship Program 'Deutschlandstipendium' was launched in the summer semester 2011. It is designed to provide support to particularly talented and capable university students. The following are eligible to apply for a scholarship:

  • students in their first semester (summer semester 2013) with excellent average grades in their higher education entrance qualification or advanced vocational higher education qualification as well as freshman students who have enrolled on the basis of their professional qualifications,
  • students in and from their second semester with a particularly outstanding academic performance.

The scholarships are awarded by JGU in compliance with federal scholarship legislation and the selection criteria specified in the corresponding ordinance. In accordance with the guidelines of the Scholarship Program Act, performance and abilities may be assessed specifically on the basis of the following criteria:

  • in the case of freshman students (starting at university e.g. in winter semester 2013/2014 or summer semester 2014):
    a) their average grade in their university entrance qualification, with particular reference to individual grades relevant to the selected study subject
    b) any special qualifications entitling the student to study at this university (It may be necessary to hand the graduation diploma as well as the first semester matriculation certificate in later.)
  • in the case of already enrolled students in and from their second semester: their academic performance to date, in particular ECTS credits acquired or the grades for an intermediate examination or an intermediate degree taken; in the case of students on a Master's degree program, the final grade of their prior degree.

In the overall evaluation of an applicant's potential, special consideration shall be paid to:

  1. specific successes, awards, and prizes, previous work experience or internships
  2. extracurricular activities or voluntary activities unrelated to the subject being studied, involvement in community work or social work, involvement in university affairs, political involvement, and/or participation in religious associations, federations, or clubs
  3. particular personal or family circumstances, such as illness or handicaps, the care of own children (particularly in the case of single parents) or of close family members, work in a family business, work pursued in addition to learning, family background, and/or immigration background.

The scholarship is worth EUR 300 each month and is granted as support (i.e. does not need to be repaid). To be eligible, applicants must be enrolled at JGU.

Any financial support students are receiving under the Federal Training Assistance Act will not be reduced by the amount of the scholarship. Students who are already in receipt of performance-based financial support from another institution are not eligible to receive a scholarship under the National Scholarship Program. Exemptions from this stipulation are possible under certain circumstances.

No legal entitlements are associated with the award of a scholarship.

Scholarships are awarded for two semesters (grant period); the maximum grant period is the standard period of study in the relevant degree program.

Should it become necessary for the scholarship recipient to extend the period of study for reasons such as a disability, pregnancy, the need to care for a child, or a stay abroad as part of the study course, the grant period may be extended on request.

Should a scholarship student leave the university during the grant period, the scholarship shall continue to be paid for a semester in accordance with the existing award stipulations.

Applications with the corresponding documentation should be submitted to:

  • in the case of freshman students: JGU Förderungsabteilung
  • in the case of all other students: Dean's office of the faculty for the subject the student is majoring in.

The application period for summer semester 2013 ended on January 31, 2013.
The next grant period for which scholarship applications can now be submitted commences in summer semester 2014!

It is expected that the application documents will be available online from December 2013.

If you have any questions concerning the National Scholarship Program, please contact the following persons in our Financial Aid Department:

  • Lehr, Martina: +49 6131 39-24804,
  • Kowalczyk, Waldemar: +49 6131 39-20240,

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