Theater Studies (M.A.)

The most important facts at a glance:


Master of Arts (M.A.)

Standard period of studies:

4 semesters


Winter and summer semester

Admission restrictions:

Open admission starting in the winter term 2018/2019 (subject to the approval of the relevant committees)


You find information on the application procedure for international students here.

Applicants with foreign certificates: Language of instruction: German
Required language certificate: DSH-2

Winter semester: April 1 - September 1

Summer semester: October 1 - March 1

Required Bachelor's degree:

Theater Studies (B.A.)

Film Studies (B.A.)

Cultural Anthropology (B.A.)

For other required Bachelor's degrees please see "Master entrance requirements" below.


Institute of Film, Drama, and Empirical Cultural Studies


Faculty 05: Philosophy and Philology


The accreditation of study programmes for Bachelor and Master Degrees constitutes as a precondition for the granting of state approval.

Subject Matter

The discipline of Theater Studies considers the cultural practice of theater in all its various manifestations (plays, opera, dance, performance, ritual performance, festivals and events in everyday culture) in both the past and today. It combines historical and theoretical knowledge with dramaturgical and analytical concepts. By studying historical cultural- and media-related factors, the course systematically examines and teaches staging procedures and their communication through the various media.


The Theater Studies program at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz encompasses:

  • The history of drama and theater
  • The theory and aesthetics of the theater
  • Contemporary theater
  • Culture and media

The program focuses primarily on the history of European theater from antiquity to the present day and on an intercultural comparison of contemporary theater in the modern age. The various forms of theater (in art, daily routines and as part of celebratory culture), their social functions and the structures of theatrical activities are examined, compared and evaluated. A particular focus is on the cultural analysis of theater and its social relevance as well as on a comparison of media-specific analysis of situations in which theater interacts with audiovisual media, the Internet and performance art. The Master's degree program has an interdisciplinary orientation in that courses on subjects such as art history, musicology and media dramaturgy are offered while it is also closely associated with the international doctorate program 'Performance Media Studies'. Participants thus acquire at an early stage profound insight into the current international academic and scholarly debate.

Master entrance requirements

Applicants must hold a Bachelor's degree in Theater Studies or in a subject related to culture, arts, media, literature or theater studies or an equivalent qualification awarded by an institute of higher education in Germany or abroad.

These requirements are intentionally interdisciplinary and take into account the focus of the Master's degree program as well as the links with the phenomenon of theater in various art and cultural study programs.

Applicants will be required to have sufficient active and passive knowledge of the English language to enable them to read specialist literature in English and participate in courses taught in English.
In addition, applicants must also have sufficient active and passive knowledge of another modern foreign language (preferably French or Italian) so that they can read specialist literature in that language.


The International Office offers counselling for international students about the application process and general information.

The Academic Advisory Office offers specific information on the subject (List available in German only).

The Student representatives give information from a student perspective (List available in German only).